Fresh White Beech Mushroom Wholesale

Fresh White Beech Mushroom

Fresh White Beech Mushroom

Fresh White Beech Mushroom

White beech mushroom is one shgimeji mushroom in white color ,it is a special oyster mushroom which is delicious and crispy, has a sea crab flavor. In Japan,it is called “Crab flavor mushroom” and seen as Low calorie .It is rich in nutrition, contains 14.7%protein,4.31%fat , 43.2%carbohydrate ,.Also it is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids. including high content of lysine, arginine in general mushroom which help young people stature, anti-cancer, lower cholesterol. 


1pcs/bag, 40bag/ctn


white head


Cap1-2.5cm, stem:1-12cm


Cultivated Cultivated in factory

Processing Type:


Shelf Life:

Keep in 0-4 degree centigrade,20-40days


T/T or L/C at sight

Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

Packing Season:

Whole year


Production process

1.  Raw material

     Prepare the substrate for mushroom, such as Sawdust, Rice bran,wheat bran,Corncob and so on. Mixed the raw materialsin a specific proportion.

2.  Bottling

     The medium was added to the cultivation bottle.

3.  Sterilization

     The cultivation bottlewhichfilled medium was Placed in an autoclave to sterilization.

4.  Inoculation

     Put the bacteria into the cultivation bottle.

5. Cultivate

    Placed inoculatedcultivation bottle in a growth chamber incubation.

6. Scratching

    Scratch the surface of bacteria of cultivation bottlewhich completedincubation,stimulate


7. Growing

    Mushrooms growing in the appropriate temperature, humidity, light conditions.

8.Harvest & Packing 

    Mushrooms were removed from the cultivation bottle, placed in the care box 

9.Cold-Chain system storing and transportation

   Shipping the product to consumers byCold chain logistics.

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