Dried Flower Shiitake Mushroom Wholesale

Dried Flower Shiitake Mushroom

Dried Flower Shiitake Mushroom

Dried flower shiitake mushrooms

Dried Shiitake mushroom (Lentinus Edodes) is one of famous traditional Vietnamese (and other South East nations') mushroom, and mostly cultivated.  Dried shiitake mushroom is rich in nutrition and tastes good. It contains 18.64% protein, 4.8% fat, 71% carbohydrate (mainly mannitolum, trechalose, mycose, glucose, mycose, fondaparium etc.), more than 10 kinds of amino acids (including 7 kinds of essential amino acids), more than 30 knids of enzymes. Additionally, it also contains vitamines D, B1, B2, PP, mineral elements and crude fibres.

Size :2-3cm,3-4cm 4-5cm,5-6cm

Packing : 200g,300g, 500g ,3kg or 20kg/carton ,also the costomizing is welcomed.
Cap:brown or light brown,cracks color:brown or white,thickness:≥0.5cm;
Gill:light yellow or yellow;
Roundness Degree(diameter of long and short rate):≤1.15;
Stem:cut less than 1.5cm;
Water Ratio:≤12%;

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